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If you missed any of the events at the 2015 Teaching Symposium, or would like to review the presentations, you can find video recordings of everything below.

A thumbnail image for "Teaching Presence on the Rise" by  Kim Lacey and James Bowers.

Teaching Presence on the Rise:
Engaging undergraduate
Students in Online Courses

Best practices provide a framework for instructors to effectively engage students. Although there are many competing top 10 lists for best practices, overlapping themes involve student engagement through a variety of activities and maintaining a community of inquiry.

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A thumbnail image for "Making Stats Fun With Video Games" by Rosina Hassoun.

Making Statistics Fun:
Using Computer Games for
Motivation & Fear Reduction

Math and Statistics classes have been known to instill fear in the hearts of students all over the world. Online simulation games may be a way to motivate students to engage in the content without fear. This study using two different games in university Statistics courses showed the variety of components students enjoyed. 

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A thumbnail image for "Medical Scribe Program: Experiential Workplace Learning in Healthcare" by John Lowry.

Medical Scribe Program: Experiential
Workplace Learning in Healthcare

Partnerships between a university and a community organization can be mutually beneficial. A medical scribe program was created by SVSU and Covenant Healthcare. Students in this program obtain medical scribe training, and can then be hired as a scribe working directly with physicians.

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A thumbnail image for "Team Based Learning in a Flipped Classroom"

Team Based Learning in a
Flipped Classroom

Flipped courses with team-based learning improve student learning and engage students’ interest. A flipped course is one that reduces lecture time, increases pre class preparation time, and increases time in class testing and applying knowledge through active learning assignments. 

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A thumbnail image for "Real Work is Better Than Homework" from Brian Coppela.

Real Work is Better Than Homework

Brian P. Coppola, University of Michigan, Arthur F. Thernau Professor gives the keynote address at Saginaw Valley State University's Center for Academic Innovation's Teaching Symposium on Feb. 18, 2015.

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