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Pre-Law Advising

SVSU students at a law school forum in Chicago.

SVSU offers an array of opportunities and resources for students who are considering attending law school.  As a teaching university focused on the "human scale," it does so in a personal way that connects students to faculty, clubs and organizations, internships, and prelaw advising.  In addition to the many law-related courses available to students, experiential learning opportunities round-out the prelaw program and include Moot Court, the Law Club, internships, a regional mentoring program, and an annual trip for selected students to attend the Law School Forum in Chicago.

Law schools do not specify a particular major which students must complete as undergraduates.

To prepare for law school, students should take courses that develop skills in writing, public speaking, logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, historical research, and accounting principles.

Most important is the quality of your academic work and the academic and intellectual skills you develop in your course of study.

A number of majors at SVSU can serve as preparation for law school: Political Science, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Communication, English, History, and Management.


  • Moot Court (PS 328) is a 3 credit hour course. This class consists of the application of a substantive hypothetical case problem each year.  Students will read and brief actual cases, and prepare oral and written arguments for a yearly competition.  The class teaches essential skills for prelaw and criminal justice students, including critical thinking, analytical writing, and rhetorical skills.  The class includes substantive written assignments, collaborative learning, graded evaluation, and requisite attendance.  
  • Exploring the Legal Profession (PS 230) is a one credit hour class open to all SVSU students considering law school. The class addresses law school admissions, financial aid, and LSAT preparation. An integral part of the class is the guest speakers who offer their insights and knowledge about law school and/or lawyering: law school representatives, lawyers, SVSU alumni who have/are attending law school, and others.
  • SVSU provides funding for selected students to attend the annual Chicago Law School Forum, sponsored by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). The three-night trip provides an opportunity for prospective law students to visit with representatives from over 160 law schools from across the nation.
  • Since 2007, 80% of SVSU students stay in Michigan to attend law school, such as Michigan State University; Western Michigan University Cooley Law School; Wayne State University; and the University of Michigan. SVSU graduates have also successfully attended law schools throughout the U.S., including: Arizona State University; De Paul University; Georgetown University; Northwestern University; SUNY-Albany; and Syracuse University.
  • 25 students from SVSU apply to law school annually, and 12 attend their first year of law school.

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