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Student-travel Grant Awardees

Click here to access a database and learn more about Undergraduate Research Program (UGRP) funding received by faculty, staff and students at SVSU to conduct their research.

Student-travel Grant Awardees - FY 2018 (Traveled between July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)

Undergraduate Student-travel Grant Awardees - FY 2019
Travel between July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

Student Name: Alexander Shibilski 
Conference Attended: 2018 IEEE UEMCON (Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Communication Conference)
Location of Conference: New York, NY
Title of Paper: Clock Variation Impact on Digital Filter Performance

Student Name: Alexandria Miller
Conference Attended: Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Conference
Location of Conference:
Portland, OR
Title of Paper: 
Poisoned Water Cultures: The Lasting Effects of the Flint Water Crisis

Student Name: Amy Beek, Jessica July, Tristen Juergens
Conference Attended: MiAEYC - Early Childhood Conference
Location of Conference:
Grand Rapids, MI
Title of Paper: 
Early Childhood Conference

Student Name: Beatrice Fant
Conference Attended: FIE Student Global Leadership Conference
Location of Conference: 
South Kensington, London, England UK
Title of Paper: 
Student Global Leadership Conference 2019

Student Name: Breanna Siegrist
Conference Attended: Central States Conference
Location of Conference:
Omaha, NE
Title of Paper: 
Teaching and Talking About Difficult Topics in the Classroom: A Dialogue with Students and Faculty

Student Name: Carlee Giordano
Conference Attended: Pacific University 2019 Conference on Masculinities and Gender
Location of Conference:
 Portland, OR 
Title of Paper: 
Conference on Masculinities and Gender

Student Name: Faith LaFramboise
Conference Attended:
2019 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) annual meeting
Location of Conference: Orlando, FL
Title of Paper: Travel to 2019 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida

Student Name: Frederich Schulz, Zachary Schwab, Justin Schram, Carter Eckhardt
Conference Attended: American Association of Geographers
Location of Conference:
Washington D.C
Title of Paper: 
SVSU Geospatial Student Travel to AAG Conference

Student Name: Megan Ford
Conference Attended: 2019 Society of Business, Industry, and Economics academic conference
Location of Conference: 
Destin, FL
Title of Paper: 
Data Analytics Case Studies for Accounting Curriculum

Student Name: Nora Lipetzky and Gabriel Klotz
Conference Attended: CARE Conference
Location of Conference: 
Las Vegas, NV
Title of Paper: 
Moot Court & Active Learning

Student Name: Reecha Upadhyay
Conference Attended: 
2019 Joint Mathematics Meeting
Location of Conference: 
Baltimore, MD
Title of Paper: 
Mathematical Meeting and More

Student Name: Savanah Feldpausch
Conference Attended: Mid-West American College of Sports Medicine(MWACSM)
Location of Conference: Grand Rapids, MI
Title of Paper: Sports Nutrition Knowledge, Education, and Beliefs of a Division II Athletic Staff

Student Name: Shelby Hagle
Conference Attended: 31st APS Annual Convention
Location of Conference: Washington, D.C.
Title of Paper: Chronic Procrastinators Start Early but May Not Delay Pervasively across Domains

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