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This section of the web site provides a profile of the many aspects of schools for youngsters in the middle grades, i.e., the middle level school. All chools are complext places. Middle level schools, however, seem to be more complex and difficult to understand than elementary schools or high schools.

Each part of this section gives basic, introductory information relative to understanding the complexities of middle level schools. This information includes a brief history of middle level schools, the philosophy of middle level schools, the uniqueness of the middle level person, and instructional practices appropriate for a middle level school.

The information is helpful for anyone who wants to know more about middle level schools and their purpose. It is easy access each part. The categories of this section are listed below and at the upper right next to "The Middle Level School." Select your area of interest by "clicking on" the title of the section.

A Brief History of Middle Level Schools

The Philosophy of Middle Level Schools

The Psychological Development of the Middle Level Youngster (The Transescent)

Instructional Practices for Middle Level Schools

To learn more about the middle school concept visit the web site of the National Middle School Association (NMSA) at http://www.nmsa.org/ .