Boolean Matrix Operations


A member of the technical support staff at Maplesoft, Brian Fox, has written a program to perform the boolean matrix operations of meet, join, and boolean product.


To add this to your Maple program:


Within the Maple program create a folder called boolean on the first level, that is, on the same level as Afm, Bin, etc.  Into this folder move the three files maple. ind, maple.lib, Maple.rep. (To download these files, you must right-click on the link, then designate a site where the files are to be saved.)


To use the program:


Enter the command       libname:=”C:\\Program Files\\Maple 7\\Boolean”, libname:

This is usually entered at the beginning of your Maple worksheet, and if you are using a version of Maple different from Maple 7, then enter that version instead.  Then enter

with(linalg): with(booleanop):      After this you can perform the boolean operations of meet, join, and booleanprod on zero-one matrices.


A Maple worksheet illustrates the use of these commands.


If you do not want to type the long command at the beginning of the Maple worksheet, then move the folder Maple.ini to the Bin.wnt folder in the Maple program.  (Remember to right-click on the link.) Again, if you are not using Maple 7, you must revise the single command in the Maple.ini folder; open the folder with Notepad, make the change, then Save.